[BCM 215] Pitchin’ a Beta DA!

Hey there!

Below is my Digital Artefact (DA) Beta pitch video!

Contextual Information about my DA not included in the above pitch video:

  • Operational DA prototype

    My Digital Artefact is live! At the time of posting this blog pitch, I have uploaded two episodes to date. I have received a range of feedback about the podcast itself and some possible topics that could be covered in future episodes. My podcast is hosted on ‘Anchor Podcasts’, but is available to stream and download on Spotify, Breaker, RadioPublic and Google Podcasts. (I am currently endeavouring to make my DA available on Apple Podcasts too.) You can find my DA below if you’d like to have a listen:
    Google Podcasts

  • DA Audience

    The intended audience for my DA is the general population of games and movie enthusiasts and the content is aimed at teenagers or young adults.


    Podcast analytics reveal that all of my listeners are Australian and that my audience predominantly consumes my podcast on either Anchor or Spotify. I intend to continue to engage these listeners and attempt to generate more traction by leveraging traffic funnels using Twitter and the BCM215 hashtag. My general audience demographic is the main reason behind my aim to keep the podcast content largely free from scholarly theories and instead include such frameworks for analysis in my contextual writing that will accompany my final DA product.

  • Content Creation Process

    All of my podcast episodes to date have been recorded and edited on my phone and uploaded directly to the various podcast platforms from there. This ensures that I am adhering to the FIST (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny) principles as can rapidly produce and upload content without having to devote unnecessary time (or money) to manufacture episodes.

I appreciate you tuning in to see how my DA is progressing and look forward to hearing any feedback you have!


7 thoughts on “[BCM 215] Pitchin’ a Beta DA!

  1. You have a great plan a head, the fact that you took in feedback to adapt your current and past formula shows growth. I agree with what you said about using scholarly sources going into a full detailed segment about “said game/movie” as well as using the sources would leave you a little short on time, but I wouldn’t disregard that completely, I would recommend using them as a “wall to lean on”. What I mean by that is just use them to support your research or a statement you say in your podcast. Your audience on average seems to sit at an even spot, which is a good thing. To engage with a wider audience have you tried other hashtags besides #bcm215 or posting on platforms such as reddit? (that would be the next step I would take). It is a great thing that you are following FIST. With the editing on your phone that is also good, it gives you freedom to produce your podcast when and where ever. I hope you continue this podcast as it seems to be gaining traction.

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  2. Hey Josh, I love all your new ideas. It’s been so interesting to see your DA develop as you’ve integrated feedback and created a fantastic beta project.

    You are totally right about it being difficult to address and utilise scholarly sources in such a short amount of time. I had a listen to one of your episodes. It was really well done with a clear structure and interesting content. This structure would be how you integrate your scholarly sources despite such a short amount of time. Also, only use one quote if you’re going to get academic. That way you’re not overloading the audience and your keeping it interesting. Often academic sources bring up concepts. These concepts could be what you talk about in your DA. Rather than saying “X author said this about the nature of film”, you can bring up a concept within your conversation about a film or game and then quickly mention that it was from a paper or a book.

    You said that your audience is a main reason you avoid scholarly theories and the fact that content from these articles is often boring or not wanted. You are right in thinking this but I believe that it helps show that you know what you’re talking about rather than each episode purely being an opinion piece. Therefore, it would be great if you could find a balance between generally referencing theories and concepts yet keeping it light hearted and casual.

    What I said above assumes you don’t do the contextual writing. The contextual writing (as a blog post or a description or however you wish to publish it) is a fantastic idea to go more in depth into these topics. I only raise the points I did to help you with FIST. The less you need to do on the side, the more effort you can put into the podcast itself.

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  3. Hey Josh,

    (I would just like to say that my comment was what I was thinking at the time of writing this. That said my option is probably gonna change as I explore/ learn about game media. So take this comment with a grain of salt (as I don’t really know) so feel free to completely disagree.)

    Firstly great job covering all the required points and linking your beta update back to how you are answering your own question.
    You’ve made it really clear and easy to follow and it shows you have invested a lot of time, effort and thought with your work.

    Secondly, listening, realising and adapting to feedback but also the same advice you gave to Nicholas initially, about narrowing down a project.

    My first suggestion is slightly less practical. You could have someone else on the podcast co-hosting, asking you key questions, and then you could answer them. This might serve to ensure you communication is clear and remove any jargon you might want to avoid from repeating needlessly when communicating your findings to a wider audience.

    Secondly I would recommend posting you question for more ‘games and their filmic adaptation’ to reddit, specially this one ‘r/gaming’. Your topic meets this subreddits criteria for discussion and I reckon you will get a whole lot of responses. (It also has 23.7 million members)

    Having your podcast present on more than one channel is also a really good move I didn’t even think to do that so thank you as I’ll be doing the same thing. (In hopes of reaching a wider, brand specific users.)

    Here is a video game that has someone has posted (as their ‘first game’) because they got inspired by the movie “9”.

    Slightly veering off topic but still very interesting to consider. Is the idea that movies make people want to play video games and vice versa.

    ‘What movies inspire you to play a certain game?’

    “I watched Starship troopers series again because of Helldivers.”



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